Friday, November 30, 2007

4 "F" Factors to Keep Full Classes through the Holidays

So it's no big secret that class numbers have the tendency to fall during the holidays. People get out of their regular routines - they're out late, up early, spending too much money, overworked, under-rested, etc, etc, etc. But here are four "F" factors that you can use in your classes to help keep attendance high.

For instance, the average American gains 6-8 pounds in November and December alone. That's going up a pants size! Why? We exercise less and eat more. Now, obviously, we're not going to tell our class participants to avoid the holiday parties. But we can encourage them to keep attending class. They've worked so hard, and they don't want to blow it! REMIND THEM!

Play Christmas music. Have a party to reward your class. Encourage your class to wear holiday colors, and have small prizes for those who participate. Use your imagination!

BURN IT. Remind them again WHY they are working out.

Keep them motivated to keep their regular fitness schedule. Exercise gives off endorphins, which will provide them the extra energy they need to survive the holidays. It's also a great stress reliever, will help them rest better, and will allow them to indulge in some of their favorite treats without feeling guilty!

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