Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Work from Home? Check Out this Site!

Recently, I found a great website that I wanted to pass on to you - a website dedicated to helping women and moms fulfill their dreams of working at home and/or becoming self employed, while providing inspiration, motivation and support. Here’s how it all got started… Meet the Work at Home Woman.

The moment Holly Hanna became a mom, she knew she wouldn't be able to return to her full-time job. Motivated to find a way to make some extra money from home, she started asking past employers and friends if there was any work that I could do for them while caring for my daughter at home. Her networking efforts paid off. In December 2007, she started working from home by completing marketing research, establishing joint ventures and working as a social network liaison for a small publishing company that a friend was working for.

During this time, Holly learned a lot of valuable marketing skills and became very familiar with the work at home market. Motivated to become self employed and to help other women and mothers do the same, she decided to create this website and share my research and knowledge with other women who had the desire to work from home. The Work at Home Woman strives to be YOUR number one business resource & blog for legitimate work at home jobs, opportunities, ideas and support.

You can check out my latest article I wrote for this website by clicking the title - "Tips on Working from Home without Tipping the Scales."


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