Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010: NOT just a New Year's Resolution!

January, It's every fitness professional's dream month. Why? Because for one month a year, WE are the most sought after people in the nation! New Year's resolutions bring people to us everywhere we go - whether we're physically at the gym, checking out at the grocery store, or simply checking our Facebook inbox.

Well, we're almost at the end of the month. I know that inevitably, the WIDESPREAD fitness mania in my life will end. Sure, I can always count on my die-hards...and a few new ones will stay committed - but the questions everywhere I go, the 20 emails everyday, I know it's bound to dwindle.

And that makes me really sad....because the best part of my job is motivating others to live better and healthier lives. It's not about weight loss, gained strength, or a 6-pack to me. Those are just perks. It's the increased energy, the confidence boost, the better quality of life, taking care of the temple God has blessed us with. I LOVE it!

So I got to thinking....what would motivate someone to KEEP making healthier choices - choosing proper nutrition, working out more, etc.?

An incentive.

So though I am not made of money, I decided it would be worth the investment in the people I care about to launch a contest. No money to get in....just the chance EVERY SINGLE DAY to gain an entry into a contest to win a BODYBUGG.

If you don't know what a bodybugg is, let me tell you: The bodybugg® is the most accurate device on the market today for measuring calorie expenditure outside of a clinical setting.
It utilizes a patented process for interpreting calorie burn called "sensor fusion" developed by BodyMedia, Inc. This process involves collecting a range of body-data using multiple physiological sensors instead of a single sensor, which is what other calorie estimation devices such as pedometers and heart rate monitors rely on. It's this multi-sensor approach that enables bodybugg® to "see" the wearer's context (whether they are sitting, sleeping, jogging, walking, etc.) that makes bodybugg® such a reliably accurate device for calorie expenditure estimation. You've probably seen it featured on NBC's hit show, The Biggest Loser.

They retail for $200. I'm not looking at that as money out of my pocket (even though it is)....I'm looking at it as in investment in people that I care about - because whether you win or not, I hope the CHANCE of winning will motivate you enough to push past the temptation to end the health and fitness goals you've set for yourself.

So...now to what everyone wants to know.

Who can enter?


When does it start, and when does it end?

We will begin Monday, Feb. 1, 2010. The contest ends May 1, 2010.

How can I enter?

There are two different ways. First, for any of my classes that you come to, you will get one entry. My schedule of where I'm teaching is always up on my blog - http://www.michellemyerswrites.blogspot.com - so you can check my schedule to see when/where I am teaching. I will have scrap pieces of paper each time I teach. You will write your name on one of them, and I will add it to my stash. Remember, you get one entry for every class you attend, so attend as many as you can!!

Second, for those of you who are not local, you can make a purchase on my website - http://www.turbomichelle.com. For every $10 you spend between Feb. 1 and May 1, you will get 1 entry into the contest! (Please email me at coach.chelle@gmail.com, and we will work up a perfect plan JUST for you at no extra charge!)

That's it. Plain and simple. I just have one more question to ask...

Who's gonna win?! :)

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