Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Stirs Your Affection for Christ?

In our young married small group, we are going through a study on Philippians by Matt Chandler. We are only 5 weeks in, and it's already been a huge encouragement...and challenge to all of us.

This past week, Matt asked a very specific question that initiated an awesome discussion. So, I pass the same question on to you.

What stirs your affection for the Lord?
After thinking for a few minutes, I realized that whenever I see the ocean, I can't help but be in awe of God's power. To think that these massive oceans were created by the sound of His voice....that He allowed a gentle lift of Moses' rod to part the Red Sea...that terrifying waves were calmed at Jesus' command....and that He walked on the very same waves. Yet, the very same God knows my name and desires to have a personal relationship with me. It's overwhelming.

I always come back from tropical vacations with a renewed sense of God being in control - and it's better that way.

Obviously, this means I am called to some sort of beach ministry....right? ;)


Leah Case said...

I, too, am called to beach ministry!

Anonymous said...

What an inspiring blog! :)